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Ryerson Venture Zone Logo

Ryerson’s newest Zone promotes new business development in Brampton

The Ryerson Venture Zone in Brampton encourages entrepreneurship, cultivates community and endorses experimentation in support of ideas with impact.

What makes us unique:

Focus on addressing hyperlocal issues/industries in Brampton- community health and wellness, advanced manufacturing and supply chain, smart city, mobility and logistics, food processing and packaging, and media and entertainment.

We believe in uplifting the city and bringing economic prosperity through Brampton’s greatest asset- it’s talent. We do not take any equity in the companies we serve and do not own any of the intellectual property they have created.

Provide experiential learning opportunities to corporate emerging leaders and individuals interested in working alongside startups through our corporate and individual intrapreneurship programs. 

An industry-driven incubator. We connect our startups to work directly with key industry partners in the community to build viable customer solutions and bring them to market.

Financial support with no strings attached. We understand the financial risk, time and energy associated with starting a business. The RVZ Fellowship is a grant designed to provide financial relief to co-founders.

Founder-first approach to entrepreneurship. Our team of mental performance coaches work with co-founders to strengthen and develop their mental resilience, cognitive abilities, and adaptability to reach their peak performance potential.

Our values:

Diversity and inclusion

A commitment to delivering programs that are accessible and inclusive across cultural backgrounds, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience. Our space reflects the multiculturalism and diversity present in the Brampton community and encourages new perspectives, ideas and ways of working.

Experimentation and coaching

We are rooted in innovation. Our annual challenge, focused on problem-solving for hyperlocal issues, along with our support for entrepreneurs through mentorship and hands-on experience are some of the ways we remain committed to providing a safe, open space for experimentation.

Community and experience

Our approach is always open and collaborative, we engage directly with the community to understand their needs and contribute to economic growth in ways that directly impact the Brampton community. We aim to foster an environment of continuous learning for talent and the Zone.

Shared success

RVZ is a platform for others to thrive: our ultimate success is realized in the successes of the community, clients and stakeholders.