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Connecting Canada and the world to address challenges in global migration

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Borders, Culture, and Globalization: A Canadian Perspective, external link, opens in new window, co-edited by Melissa Kelly, CERC Migration senior researcher, and Victor Konrad, Carleton University.   The Staging of Cultural Diversity in Dubai: The Case of Dubai Art Fair, external link, opens in new window in Identities, v28.3, by Amin Moghadam, CERC Migration senior researcher. ‘Enchanted with Europe: Family migration and European law on labour-market integration,’ in PDF fileMigrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers' Integration in European Labour Markets:  A Comparative Approach on Legal Barriers and Enablers, external link, opens in new window by Irina Isaakyan, CERC Migration senior researcher, and Anna Triandafyllidou, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration 







Migrant Futures Webinar: How are South Asian migrant women in Canada overcoming employment challenges?

Jun. 3, 2021

Migrant Futures Webinar: The uncertain future of immigration to small and mid-sized cities

May 13, 2021

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