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Where business savvy meets creative passion.

The Creative Industries Bachelor of Arts is an interdisciplinary arts and business degree for people who want to study and work in the creative economy.

It's where business savvy meets creative passion.


Through a four-year creative arts and business B.A at  Ryerson University, our students: 

• Combine a business foundation with their choice of creative field,  choosing from fashion, publishing, music, t.v., film, performance and design 

• Gain a deep understanding of how media, fashion, music, and arts based companies operate as creative and commercial organizations 

• Apply their skills in an industry setting during their required internship  in the summer after 3rd year 

• Explore culture, entrepreneurship and industry and graduate ready  to take on careers in that sweet spot where business savvy meets  creative passion


The creative economy employs nearly 30 million people worldwide.

Ryerson University houses the only Creative Industries program in North America.

130,000 people employed in 10,000 creative enterprises in Toronto alone.

The Creative Industries make up $12.2 billion of Ontario's economy each year.