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Student filling out an Akindi bubble sheet while sitting at a desk

Akindi is an online integrated assessment system for bubble sheet examinations. The tool is accessed off your D2L Brightspace course shell, where you can input your test answers using the easy to use assessment builder. Once complete, you can either print and scan the bubble sheets yourself using any printer and scanner, or easily send it off to be done for you on campus.

  • Integrated with D2L Brightspace
  • Scantron bubble sheet alternative
  • Use any scanner and regular printer paper
  • Innovative web based platform
  • Use any dark writing utensil to fill it out

About 

Akindi allows instructors more freedom with their bubble sheet grading process by not using any proprietary systems. Akindi includes a multitude of tools to help you create or upload your exam answers, create multiple versions of a test, and print bubble sheets at home or on campus with prefilled student information. Akindi supports up to 150 question tests with support for questions with multiple answers, bonus marks, and partial marks.

Getting Started 

To get started with Akindi, email and let us know which course shell you would like to use, and our D2L support team will enable it for your course.

Once you have access, check out our Akindi guide for instructors

Support 

For more information please visit the Akindi Help Center, external link, Akindi’s Getting Started Guide or contact Akindi Support using the blue live-chat button in the bottom right corner of the screen while using the tool.

If you have any further questions, email us at, call 416-979-5000 ext. 556806 or visit our contact page.