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Year in Review

Year in Review 2020-21

Responding to the pandemic, YSGS quickly pivoted from brick and mortar to virtual and remote in two weeks, providing seamless service to the Ryerson graduate community. Read our Year in Review.

Past publications:

2019-20 Year in Review 

Graduate education is rising to new heights with more PhD programs, a global focus and enhancement of Ryerson’s reputation as a comprehensive innovation university for the modern world.

2018-19 Year in Review

Our graduate community empowers students with real-world skills, experience and industry connections to launch successful careers in today’s constantly changing global economy.

PDF file2017-18 Year in Review

Every day, the students, alumni, faculty and staff of our Changemaker Collective come together to advance knowledge, serve society and transform our world.

PDF file2016-17 Year in Review

Graduate education is your passport to an unlimited future in our ever-evolving world. See how our students, faculty and alumni are reshaping our world by doing work that matters.

PDF file2015-16 Year in Review

Dynamic disruption is about challenging convention, asking critical questions and seeking creative solutions that drive knowledge and practice forward.

PDF file2014-15 Year in Review

365 Days highlights the milestones that made the past year a memorable one, and celebrates the achievements of our exceptional students, faculty, staff and alumni.

PDF file2013-14 Year in Review

The 2013-14 Year in Review showcases the outstanding achievements of YSGS students, faculty, staff and alumni. The individuals in this publication embody the vibrancy of graduate education and support Ryerson’s status as a comprehensive innovation university.