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Comprised of four courses and a practicum component, professional master’s diploma programs provide the unique skills and knowledge needed for today’s real-world challenges. These highly specialized programs enable students to continue their careers while augmenting their degrees and experience at the graduate level.


Accredited by CPA Ontario, this program is designed to enable TRSM Accounting graduates to advance their professional careers and work towards the CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) designation. The program employs active learning, guest speakers and extensive use of case studies, discussions and projects at the graduate level. Upon successful completion, students can move directly to the CPA PEP Capstone modules and, ultimately, write the National Common Final Examination (CFE).

Aerospace Design Management

Keep the public safe in the skies with the first graduate-level university program of its kind in Canada. Intended for engineering professionals experienced in aircraft or aerospace component manufacturing, this program provides in-depth knowledge of airworthiness standards and compliance required by Transport Canada and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Canadian Business

The Professional Master's Diploma in Canadian Business is designed for those wishing to expand their knowledge of the Canadian business landscape to pursue or enhance their careers as business owners or operators.  The diploma program will also provide students with knowledge of the Canadian business environment and history and the skills necessary to succeed in Canadian MBA programs that emphasize active, experiential learning.


This program, offered through partnerships between Ryerson’s School of Nutrition and external organizations, enables students to achieve the Integrated Competencies for Dietetic Education and Practice. Graduates are eligible to write the Canadian Dietetic Registration Exam and if successful, become registered dietitians. Dietetics is a regulated health profession in Canada. Admission is restricted to eligible graduates of accredited Canadian undergraduate nutrition/dietetics programs. Applications are submitted through the Dietitians of Canada Internship Application process.

Energy and Innovation

With growing awareness and concern about global warming, demand for clean energy, renewable resources and sustainability is greater than ever. This interdisciplinary program provides the knowledge and skills needed to create innovative solutions to urban energy issues.

Enterprise Information Security, Privacy and Data Protection

Help re-establish the public trust that fuels so much of the Internet and e-commerce with the latest skills required for this increasingly important field. Intended for professionals looking to become uniquely qualified in security and privacy issues and make a substantial contribution to their communities, businesses and governments.

Finance for Social Innovation

This program provides a detailed overview of new instruments for funding and investing in organizations with a mandate to address social issues. This growing field offers a variety of career opportunities, from investment advising to not-for-profit or social enterprise management.

Management of Technology and Innovation

The Professional Master’s Diploma in the Management of Technology and Innovation is designed for career professionals who have organizational responsibility for digital technology and will help executives to improve their Leadership skills and Technology & Innovation Management skills. The Chief Information Officers Association of Canada (CIOCan) represents IT Executives and CIOs in Canada has endorsed this Ryerson University graduate program and is a partner in delivering this professional education program for its members.

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How to Apply

Once you’ve chosen your desired program(s), preparing your application requires careful research and planning. 

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