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Information on schedules, conflicts and missed exams

Final examinations are held at the end of each term for one-term courses and in April for multi-term courses (see Significant Dates). You can see your examination schedule about one month before the examination period on the Ryerson website or by logging into RAMSS.

Check your examination schedule regularly for any changes. Also, familiarize yourself with PDF filePolicy 135: Examination Policy.

We make every effort to make sure you will not be required to write more than two exams in one calendar day (except in exceptional circumstances).

Check your examination schedule to make sure that you do not have two exams scheduled for the same time and date or an examination conflict with a religious observance. You must report conflicts to your program department at once. Please check the examination website for specific deadlines.

If you need an alternative time or date for an examination on religious grounds, please read PDF filePolicy 150: Accommodation of Student Religious, Aboriginal and Spiritual Observance

You must submit your final examination accommodation requests before the start of the final examination period. For detailed information, including how to book your exam, visit the Test or Exam with Accomodation website.

If you miss a test or exam because of an illness or a personal or family emergency, you must:

  1. E-mail/Telephone your instructor(s) as soon as you know you will not be able to write an exam. It is important to contact your instructor(s) so you can make alternative arrangements.
  2. If you cannot reach your instructor(s), try calling or emailing the Teaching Department office(s) and leave a detailed message, including the course name, examination date, instructor’s name, your name and your student number. This is important, so be persistent!
  3. You must submit the medical certificate or other documentation within three (3) working days of the missed test or examination to the office of your own program. Your Program Department will let your instructor know that they have received the documentation.
  4. Read and understand the Undergraduate Academic Consideration and Appeals Policy.