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Illustration of graph theory.

Advanced Research in Discrete Mathematics

Graphs@Ryerson is a long-established, active research group in Ryerson University's Department of Mathematics. We explore diverse topics in pure and applied discrete mathematics, but cutting edge research in graph theory is our unifying theme.

Graphs (or networks) emerge in every aspect of the natural and technological world – ranging from online social networks such as Facebook, to Bitcoin transactions, to biochemical activity inside living cells. Through graphs, we model these interactions and uncover fundamental directions – such as finding efficient ways to detect adversarial activity, or understanding hidden mechanisms that drive how networks form over time.

Industrial Partnerships

Google, Microsoft, Government of Canada, Globe and Mail, Julia, Yandex...

The quality of our research is validated by the calibre and scope of our partners and projects.

"New data points are generated in every human-technology interaction, and in social sciences, economics, neurology and many other fields. We're now seeing lots of interest from industry and academia for developing new tools to manage these complex networks."

Dr. Pawel Pralat

Seminars & Events