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Graphs group students working together to solve equation on board.

Research opportunities in discrete mathematics

What We're Looking For

We regularly seek postdoctoral fellows and qualified undergraduate and graduate students to conduct research. The work is challenging. Successful candidates are highly motivated, intellectually curious and eager to work hard at developing their skills.    

Basic Requirements: Background in mathematics, computer science or engineering. Our research falls into two categories, each with its own requirements:

 Applied Math Research– Interest in applying math to real-world problems. Solid coding and programming skills in place. Some familiarity with machine learning and data science is highly advised.

 Pure Math Research – Interest in abstract thinking and theoretical math, even if no immediate or obvious applications are in sight. Outside of a background in mathematics, no specialized training required. 

"I was lucky to join the group and research random graph models of online social networks. My thesis project was fascinating. I gained experience combining graph theory with real world application, and eventually landed the role of Data Scientist at Twitter."

Pardis Noorzad, Head of Data Science at Carbon Health

How to Reach Us

Membership is determined by the Department of Mathematics, but you can take some preliminary steps. Explore our research areas for topics that interest you. Contact a faculty member to discuss the possibility of working together. Each year, the Department also holds a graduate seminar where you can meet faculty and find out what we're working on.  

Variety & Flexibility

Faculty members with diverse expertise in pure and applied discrete math. We'll help you explore your potential and match research topics to your interests and skills.

Training & Experience

Apply your knowledge. Sharpen your analytical rigour. Develop technical skills. Gain research experience beyond what's possible through study alone.  


Work closely with deeply experienced professors. Access personalized guidance outside the classroom. Postdoctoral fellows may also gain expeience mentoring students.

Funding Support

Extensive success securing research funding means we can offer students a variety of challenging, high-quality projects year after year.

Industry Exposure

Some of us work with external organizations – including brands such as Microsoft and Government of Canada. Highly qualified personnel (HQPs) may gain rare access to such collaborations.  

Future Outlook

Research experience can open up new opportunities to explore after graduation. In today's data-driven, connected world, there is a need for mathematicians who can model and mine complex networks.

"Every year, we're excited to admit new students, and transform them into our research colleagues. Research is a fascinating and rewarding experience, and we naturally enjoy sharing with the new generation of scientists." 

Dr. Konstantinos Georgiou