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Student Resources

Students learning key techniques in the lab

The Midwifery Education program offers services and resources in support of your academic, professional and personal goals.

Academic Dates


January 4 – April 29

February 26

May 5

Normal Childbearing (NC) - Winter

NC Midterm Exam

NC Final Exam

January 4 – April 1 **

February 5

April 19 & 20


Clerkship Midterm Exam

Clerkship Final Exam

January 18 – April 16

Advanced Clinical Skills II

May 3 – July 22**

June 11

July 28

Complications & Consultation (C&C)

C&C Midterm Exam

C&C Final Exam)

April 26 – August 19

June 11

August 25

Normal Childbearing (NC) - Summer

NC Midterm Exam

NC Final Exam

May 6


October 28


**Some students will have different start and end dates due to the effects of COVID-19 variations on some placements.

Association of Ryerson Midwifery Students (ARMS)

ARMS was founded in 1997 as a collective of support, advocacy and action for the Ryerson MEP students. ARMS has monthly meetings as well as an annual general meeting.

Midwifery Awards

Apply for Midwifery Education Program Awards in addition to other awards available through the Faculty of Community Services and Ryerson University.

Forms, Policies and Handbooks

A comprehensive list of forms, policies, handbooks and guides for current students.

Incident Reporting

Report any clinical incidents you are involved in during your placements and also any incidents which result in your own personal injury.

Tuition and Fees

Learn more about your tuition fees and other additional expenses.

Transfer Credits

Transfer credits are courses completed at other accredited institutions that are assessed, and when granted, may be used toward electives or other non-clinical courses in Levels One and Two.

Annual Checklist

Keep your education on track by following checklists for each year of the program.

Academic Variations

Your Academic Standing is determined from your grades at the end of each term.