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Student Affairs at Ryerson offers programs and services designed to support students’ success at every stage of their academic journey. Student Affairs consists of Student Learning Support, Student Life, the Career & Co-op Centre, Student Housing and Community Care, and SA Storytelling and we also work with campus partners to provide experiences and opportunities for students’ academic, professional, and personal development. We want you to succeed in your academic career. There are many services available to help you do that during your time here, and there are many people you can connect with to get additional support.

Student Learning Support, or SLS, is a group of services and programs aimed at helping students engage more effectively in their academic studies. You’ll find professionals ready to help you with your academic work. Whether you need writing, math, study skills, academic accommodations, english language, or graduate school support groups - workshops, and one-on-one appointments are available. You can find Student Learning Support services on the 4th Floor of the SLC, the Garden.


Student Life can help you find ways to get involved and build community on campus. Beginning with Orientation Week and throughout your time at Ryerson, Student Life offers programs and supports to help you reach your infinite potential. RU Leadership, International Student Support, Trimentoring Program, and Student Life Programs are here to help you connect to community, get involved, access supports and mentorship, and make the most of your time at Ryerson.

The Career & Co-op Centre uses a Faculty based model, so you have a dedicated Career Education team for your program of study. Whether it’s looking for your first work experience or that graduate job, the Career & Co-op Centre offers the personal support, programming and employer events available to help you achieve your goals. Looking for a part-time role? We run Ryerson’s work study program, Career Boost. Finally, supporting you to build your ‘career for life’, all of our services are available for up to five years after graduating.

Student Care and Conduct upholds and promotes community standards of respect, civility and safety. We support students who are in distress or who demonstrate disruptive behaviour. We believe students can grow from difficult or negative experiences so they remain successful in their academic and personal lives while at Ryerson.

Housing and Residence Life provides an extensive Residence Life program to all students living in residence, as well as the Off-Campus Housing Office resources and supports. It is the hope of the Residence Life program to support students in all aspects of their lives while living in Residence. Our ultimate goal is to create a community in which students can live and learn in a safe and supportive environment.

SA Storytelling is a team of staff dedicated to sharing and enhancing the student experience through dynamic storytelling, design, research, and assessment. We are designers, marketing specialists, filmmakers, researchers, scholars, artists, and curious folks tasked with sharing the Student Affairs story and creating opportunities for students to share theirs. SA Storytelling is a team within the Department of Special Projects.

All in all, the people in Student Affairs at Ryerson are here to help you succeed and thrive, whatever that looks like for you.

The 6 Pillars of Ryerson Student Affairs

The 6 Pillars of Ryerson Student Affairs are the values and principles we use to guide our work with and for students. Built on a strong Ryerson foundation of commitment to and pursuit of equity, diversity, inclusion, and access, we use these pillars to help students find opportunities to create their narrative and success. 

The Learning Pillar reminds us that the primary goal and mission of Ryerson and its students is learning and knowledge. Keeping a focus on this as a priority will help us shape programs and services with cognitive development and learning in mind, and will help us pay particular attention to the desired outcomes for all of our interactions with students.

Ryerson SA practitioners strive to have all programs and services for students align with best practices for promoting well-being. We know students cannot be successful in any dimension of their lives if they don’t have, or aren’t working towards, a feeling of personal wellness—of which well-being is a significant part.

Sense of belonging is important; akin to the safety and security Maslow talks about as prerequisite for having all other needs met, we know that students need to feel a sense of belonging, or community, in order to be successful in academic, personal, and professional pursuits. 

Ryerson SA focuses on developing the whole person in a social and self-reliant construct. We know that students arrive at Ryerson with great interest in what their social lives will be like, who their friends will be, and how much fun they will have. #RyersonSA is committed to making sure that students have many opportunities to develop the personal and social dimensions of their beings.

Over 95% of incoming Ryerson students cite getting a better and/or higher paying job after graduation as one of their reasons for choosing Ryerson. The new Career & Co-op Centre is revolutionizing our approach to student engagement so that we help students remember, and achieve, their career & professional development aspirations. In Ryerson SA we are finding ways to capture the attention of students in all parts of their lives at Ryerson to keep those aspirations alive.

Storytelling is the tissue that connects all the other pillars. We are committed to telling meaningful stories here – stories that express the work being done across Ryerson Student Affairs, the meaningful inquires being made, the innovative programs being developed, and stories that express the varied and complex, and funny, and unique experiences of students as they make their way through.