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Learn more about how TRSM students can help your organization. Learn how to access top talent. 

TRSM Students


Learn why TRSM Co-op is leading the pack. Read what students say about the benefits of participating.

Business Innovation Hub re-invents
Co-op Experience

"Tech-savvy, resourceful, purpose-driven and unburdened by the baggage of corporate culture, co-op students can inject the exact kind of adrenalin a company needs to spur innovation from within." 

– Dean Steven Murphy, Ted Rogers School of Management

external,Read Dr. Murphy's full article on co-op students and innovation in the Globe and Mail.

Scotiabank Changemaker Fund Recipients

Scotiabank Changemakers Fund

This unique TRSM co-op program provides reimbursement to the employer (up to 50 percent of the total cost of the co-op placement), and supports work term placements ranging in length from 4 and 8 months. Learn more about Scotiabank Changemakers Fund.

TRSM co-op students are working with leading employers

Our Co-op students work in leading organizations across all industry sectors.  View a select list of other TRSM employers.

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