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Contact TRS Technical Support

We are a non-academic department providing technical support to the TRSM community. Please use the form below to contact us. Only requests specifying an "" e-mail address will be answered.


To log into the "RU-Secure" wireless network, enter your my.ryerson username into the username field and your password into the password field. Note that the password field is case sensitive (check your Caps Lock and Num Lock settings). The CCS website has more in-depth information on how to connect via mobile devices and other operating systems: How to connect to the RU-Secure Wireless Network, opens in new window

If you're experiencing a connection drop and you're unable to connect back to the network, please try the following:

  • Cycle the physical Wi-Fi switch OFF then ON again to reset the connection. If this does not work, try powering the device OFF then ON again.
  • Temporarily disable your anti-virus software. If this resolves the issue, configure the software to allow the wireless Internet connection (consult the vendor's website for details).
  • Test different locations in the building, as the Wi-Fi signal may be diminished due to a high number of users in the immediate area. Sometimes moving just a few meters can make a difference!
  • Test connecting to 'Ryerson' network (WEP key required for Ryerson network is EGGY1). This should be considered a temporary fix, as the 'Ryerson' network is not as secure. Always try connecting to RU-Secure first.
  • Uninstall unnecessary programs and run a virus/malware scan. Malware may cause Wi-Fi connectivity issues and prevent you from staying connected.
  • Email wireless service support at, opens in new window

All available security software is free to the Ryerson community. You will be required to enter your my.ryerson username and password before downloading. Please visit the Security Software, opens in new window website to download the software.

If programs on your laptop are freezing or crashing, it might be caused by software conflicts or malicious programs running in the background. Possible solutions include:

  • Close and uninstall unnecessary programs that might be running (toolbars, software add-ons, etc.)
  • Download and install Sophos, opens in new window to remove any virus that may be present
  • Download an anti-spyware program (e.g. MalwareBytes) to remove any "adware" based programs
  • Ensure the laptop is kept cool and is not overheating
  • Clean the fan using compressed air (clogged fans cause overheating)

Due to security and privacy issues, all data saved to the lab computers is erased upon system reboot/restart, as well as nightly at 11:59 PM. Please save your work to your personal USB drive and/or by emailing the document to yourself.

A few tips to ensure that you do not lose your work:

  • Create a new document/file and save it immediately to your USB drive; confirm that it is there by closing the newly created document and opening the file from your USB drive.
  • When opening an email attachment that you wish to edit, immediately click "Save As..." and save it on your USB drive before you begin working. That way, you will know exactly where the file is stored.
  • Regularly email yourself the document that you're working on - this ensures that if the desktop restarts or your USB drive becomes corrupt, you will still have a backup copy of your work.
  • Get in the habit of saving your work every 15 minutes to your USB drive. That way, if a problem occurs, you will not lose more than 15 minutes worth of work.

Please fill out the google formGoogle request form, external link to find out if you are eligible.

This is the most common fix for this issue occurring on Mac machines:

  1. Open System Preferences and navigate to Security & Privacy
  2. Click the padlock icon to make changes
  3. Select App Store and identified developers in the Allow apps downloaded from area. 
  4. Click allow next to 'System software from application "Global Protect" was blocked from loading.'


You can request a generic e-mail account yourself by following these steps:

  1. Login to Go to Self Service > Guest and Generic Accounts > Request Guest Account

  2. Complete the Form that appears as follows:

  • First and Last Name: enter the name you want to appear in the "From" field when someone receives an e-mail from this account. (DO NOT enter your name unless that is the name you want the e-mails to appear to be from.)
  • Date of Birth: enter any date, since this field is not relevant for generic e-mail accounts.
  • Primary email: what you want the generic email address to be (e.g. if you want an e-mail address called trsmalumni, enter
  • Resources: select what is needed for this particular account (normally it's just Email).
  • Contact/sponsor: Either your information or the details of the person who will manage the account (must be a full-time Ryerson employee).
  • Approver Authorization: This is normally the contact/sponsor's Director or Chair. If you are a Director or Chair, you may put your own name here.


You will receive an e-mail from CCS once the new e-mail address has been created (normally 24-48 business hours).

It's easy! To request a Ryerson VPN account, opens in new window simply use your my.ryerson credentials and select Manage My VPN Access to request or manage your VPN access. Then once your VPN account has been created (normally within 48 business hours) you can download and install the application. If you need help getting things set up, call the TRSM Help Desk at ext. 557455 or e-mail us at, opens in new window.

The TRSM IT Help Desk is authorized to provide full support and warranty repairs for Dell's LatitudeOptiplex and Precision lines only. All other equipment, including Dell models not listed above (e.g. Vostro, XPS and Inspiron) will be serviced on a best-effort basis. Since we are not authorized to perform warranty repairs on these systems, you will need to deal with the manufacturer and/or vendor for warranty service.

The TRSM IT Help Desk is not authorized to repair Apple products. While we do our best to assist you with any issues you encounter, there may be times when we will refer you to the Apple Store for assistance. Appointments can be booked at the Apple Store Genius Bar, external link, opens in new window website (note: there is an Apple Store in the Eaton Centre next door).

In order to provide clients with the best service possible, Help Desk requests are prioritized as follows:

First Priority: Calls from a classroom or meeting room when a class or meeting is in session. These are urgent requests that impact a large number of individuals.

Second Priority: Appointments that were booked in advance.

Third Priority: Walk-in or call-in requests.

  • Book an appointment if your request does not require immediate attention. While we do our best to service all walk-in or call-in clients on-the-spot, the unpredictable nature of requests sometimes makes immediate service impossible. Clients with appointments will have priority over those without appointments. Please e-mail your preferred date and time to, opens in new window and we will respond with a confirmation. Note: Classroom podium issues that occur during class time will be given top priority due to their urgent nature and the number of people impacted.
  • Pick-up and drop-off equipment at the Help Desk whenever possible. This allows staff to remain in the office to answer phones and service walk-in clients. If the equipment requiring service is not portable, don't worry - a technician will visit your office to assist you.
  • Do not request service for non-Ryerson equipment or software. We regret that we do not have the resources to support personal equipment or those of family and friends. In order to support faculty and staff in a timely manner, we can only accept calls from Ryerson employees dealing with Ryerson-owned equipment.

Occasionally, the Help Desk is asked to install older versions of software that are no longer supported by the vendor.

We strongly discourage this practice because unsupported software may cause your computer to malfunction and may be incompatible with newer operating systems. It may also leave your computer vulnerable to malicious attacks, since hackers have had a long time to find - and exploit - weaknesses in the software and vendors are no longer fixing it. Also, if the license for the software has expired, we cannot legally install it for you.

The TRSM IT Department has assembled a team of Zoom technicians to help make your move to remote teaching easier. They can be booked here, external link no less than 2 days in advance and will assist you with all aspects of teaching through Zoom.

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