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Justice for All - Conference Line up

Over 80% of women, men, small businesses, and consumers do not receive the justice they have a right to. People are left in situations of danger and vulnerability. Jobs are lost. Businesses fail. Yet, the law - the legal monopoly - denies them the right to find some measure of justice where they can, even though they now have none. Ontario’s laws protect the legal monopoly; Ontario, it's time to change the law and put the people first. End the monopoly. Let the people decide.  


On October 29, 2020, the Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ) will host Justice for All. International and Canadian legal leaders will discuss why opening up the legal market and expanding justice options is good for people, businesses, and lawyers. They will share their work opening up their own justice system.  

Lawyering From Home: Tips for mobile lawyering is a series of online discussions focused on supporting legal professionals as they adapt to working remotely.

Every week we discussed different aspects of the legal profession with experts in the industry. See more sessions on our YouTube channel

Family Reform Workshop

The Legal Innovation Zone’s Family Reform Community Collaboration

Ryerson’s Legal Innovation Zone launched a 4-month Community Collaboration initiative to reform family dispute resolution in Ontario and benefit parents and children of separating families. Over five sessions, our goal was to create and develop a faster, more efficient, more affordable, and less adversarial approach to resolving family law disputes out of court. Nearly 200 community members came together and helped us several approaches from which workable solutions/prototypes could provide better results for families.

Students and Legal Professionals discussing solutions
Students and Legal Experts during a workshop

A Call for Startups with Innovative Solutions that improve access to justice (A2J) in Ontario

Delivering legal services faster, simpler and more affordably will give many more people access to those services. New products, technologies, or processes have the potential to transform legal services and make them more accessible. Unleashing the creative potential of innovators can help improve justice services for many Ontarians, both individuals and businesses.

The Ontario Access to Justice Challenge fuelled the success of six innovative Ontario startups that are building products and solutions that challenge the status quo of legal services and enhanced access to justice.

Design Thinking Workshop at the SLC

The Legal Innovation Zone at Ryerson University, in partnership with the Law Foundation of Ontario and with support from the Ontario Justice Education Network is launching a Youth Access to Justice Initiative this Fall. It will apply technology and the law to address the access to justice needs of youth in Toronto.

​We want your help in strengthening youth access to justice by designing approaches that better reach youth, provide answers to important questions and help youth navigate justice issues.

​This initiative will collaborate with many of the organizations and leaders working in the youth access to justice sector and help build on the great work that they have been doing for many years. 

The Youth Access to Justice Initiative wants your input in creating the building blocks that will help improve youth’s access to the legal system.

Education application
A Flexible Program to Explore Legal Innovation

Lead Law is a quick and easy program, composed of 3 ten-minute webinars and 3 events, that offers an opportunity for currently enrolled Ryerson students interested in the legal sector to learn about legal innovation, engage with leaders in the sector while expanding their professional network, and apply a mindset of innovation in their future career path.

The program will run over the course of a semester, not including final exam period, and will be broken down into 3 parts. Each part of the program will have an online component comprised of webinars and will have a corresponding event at the end of the month where participants will have a chance to network with thought leaders.