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New Faculty Hires

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In the Faculty of Arts, we take great pride in hiring high-quality tenure-track faculty, a process that helps shape our institutional reputation and the direction of Ryerson’s exciting future. The colleagues we are welcoming to campus represent the diversity of Arts and contribute to the strength of our faculty.

With our new hires, we place renewed emphasis on excellence in research, teaching and social awareness. Their addition to our faculty reflects our celebration of the humanities’ rich tradition of exploring ideas and cultures across ever-broadening contexts. They also help us pay tribute to the social sciences' rich tradition of exploring the nature of institutions, social phenomena and human behaviour through collaboration and innovative methodologies.

  • Dr. Alyssa Counsell (Psychology)
  • Dr. Damien Lee (Sociology)
  • Dr. Ajay Sandhu (Criminology)
  • Dr. Zahir Kolia (Criminology)
  • Dr. Rohan Sud (Philosophy)
  • Ms. Hyunju Lee (Economics)
  • Dr. Diane Enns (Philosophy)
  • Ms. Conely de Leon (Sociology)
  • Dr. Hongbing Yu (Languages, Literatures & Cultures)
  • Dr. Naomi Hamer (English)
  • Dr. Doosoo Kim (Economics)
  • Dr. Katherine Zubovich (History)
  • Ms. Lauren Kirshner (English)
  • Dr. Antoine Panaïoti (Philosophy)
  • Dr. Shiri Pasternak (Criminology)
  • Dr. Christopher Wellen (Geography)