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A new kind of law school has arrived

It’s time to set a new precedent

The law is worthy of its name only when constant effort is made to redefine it. Our democracy is built on this possibility, on the idea that we can always think bigger about representation and inclusion.

This is why legal education must be as critical of its traditions as it is transparent about its intentions. It’s why we must continually strive to increase access to justice. It’s why we need a new kind of law school.

It’s time to embrace technology as a means to achieve greater representation. It’s time to advocate for ordinary citizens.


Federation of Law Societies of Canada grants preliminary approval of Ryerson University’s law program

Law Society of Ontario endorses Ryerson’s Faculty of Law

Application window opens

Ryerson’s law school opens

“I believe that we need a kind of law school that produces socially conscious lawyers who are looking to make radical change.”

Lucrezia Spagnolo
Founder and CEO, Vesta Social Innovation Technologies