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Program Information

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Ryerson Law's Juris Doctor program offers a variety of courses and fulfills the LSO’s requirements for the Integrated Practice Curriculum (IPC).  As part of our commitment to experiential learning, students will receive hands-on mentorship throughout their degree and work with the latest technological innovations redefining legal practice today. Courses in the first two years of the program are mandatory. By the third year, there will be a range of electives available to students. We look forward to hearing input on such additional selections by our inaugural classes as we build the program and its offerings.

Co-teaching model that includes working lawyers to meld theory and practice in each subject area. Special focus on current and future technologies that are relevant to legal service.

First semester

Semester 1 total weekly contact hours: 19


JUR 400 Ryerson Law School Intensive
JUR 100 Legal Research and Writing
JUR 101 Contract Law
JUR 102 Tort Law
JUR 103 Property Law
JUR 104 Ethics and Professionalism

Second semester

Semester 2 total weekly contact hours: 19


JUR 401 Technology Innovation Intensive
JUR 105 Foundations of Law and Legal Methods
JUR 106 Criminal Law
JUR 107 Constitutional Law
JUR 108 Administrative and Regulatory Law
JUR 109 Indigenous Law in Canada

Two-week modules with lectures in the morning and hands-on mentorship in small student "firms" in the afternoon.

Third semester

Semester 3 total weekly contact hours: 18


JUR 402 Financial Intensive
JUR 200 The Business of Lawyering
JUR 201 Business Law
JUR 202 Family Law
JUR 203 Civil Procedure
JUR 204 Social Innovation and the Law

Fourth semester

Semester 4 total weekly contact hours: 18


JUR 403 Coding Intensive
JUR 205 Advocacy and Alternative Dispute Resolution
JUR 206 Wills and Estates
JUR 207 Legal Innovation
JUR 208 Intellectual Property and Privacy
JUR 209 Access to Justice Solutions

Use of one semester (either fifth or sixth) for a valuable professional placement. Coursework in the other semester that allows for focus on key interest areas.

Fifth and sixth semesters

Total weekly contact hours: 18

Professional placement semester total term hours: 18


JUR 404 Emotional and Cultural Quotient Intensive

One semester of:

JUR 300 Professional Placement



Five electives from the following: 

JUR 301 Global Civil Society and the Law
JUR 302 Real Estate Law
JUR 303 Labour and Employment Law
JUR 304 Advanced Corporate/Commercial Law
JUR 305 Interdisciplinary Lawyering
JUR 306 Environmental Law
JUR 307 Children and the Law
JUR 308 Immigration Law
JUR 309 Criminal Procedure
JUR 310 Law and Practice
JUR 311 Evidence
JUR 312 Law and Injustice
JUR 313 Advanced Legal Solutions
JUR 314 Private International Law
JUR 315 Public International Law

Intensive Courses

The intensive courses will take place in the first week of the 12-week term, and will run for a total of 30 hours – six hours per day for five school days. These are fully graded courses with a range of assessments in each. 

These intensive courses reflect the practice-based focus of the Ryerson Law program as formalized in the program’s designation by the LSO as an Integrated Practice Curriculum. The skills and knowledge imparted in these courses are not typically part of traditional legal education. However, members of the legal profession, educators from across the university and beyond, and representatives from the tech industry with whom we consulted and collaborated while building the program were in universal agreement that these are essential aspects of contemporary legal education and practice.

We believe that these courses will ensure that upon graduation Ryerson Law students will be very well equipped to serve the interests of a diverse client base.