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The Make-Up Test Centre remains physically closed. No in-person tests will be conducted at this time and we are not offering virtual invigilation. Only remote tests are currently available. To book a make-up test visit our Homepage, and click on the student booking or professor booking buttons.

The Make-Up Test Centre is a service designed to facilitate the make-up testing needs of students and instructors. After students obtain the permission of their instructor to write the make-up test or exam, log in to the online system to submit the request. Final approval of a make-up test or exam is up to the discretion of the instructor.

Faculty and Instructors may opt to set up remote make-up tests without Make-Up Test Centre support by following Ryerson's step-by-step guide: special access for D2L quizzes.

Registered with AAS?

Students registered with Academic Accommodation Support (AAS) who need to schedule an accommodated make-up, please go to: AAS Online Services