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The Make-Up Test Centre remains physically closed. No in-person tests will be conducted at this time and we are not offering virtual invigilation. Only remote tests are currently available. To book a make-up test visit our Homepage, and click on the student booking or professor booking buttons.

Remote Tests

To book as a student visit our Homepage and click on Student Booking.

Faculty and instructors can request Test Centre support with setting up remote, make-up tests through the Make-Up Test Centre. All support is being provided on a first-come-first-served basis and our availability is limited. Two options are currently available (invigilation is not provided in either option):

Make-Up Test Centre professional staff can assist with make-up test administration directly on your D2L course shell.


  1. Faculty/instructor submits a test request 8 business days before the test date using the make-up system. Include all test details in the request:

    • Indicate if the Test Centre Administrators will be setting parameters on tests that already exist in the shell OR if you will be submitting a different test copy in the system for the Test Centre to set up.
    • If uploading a new test copy, please submit the document directly to the make-up system as a PDF or Word document.
  2. The Test Centre sends a confirmation email, including the Test Centre Administrator username(s) to be added to the D2L course shell in a TA role.

  3. Faculty/instructor adds the designated Test Centre staff in a TA role at least 3 days before the test date:

    • Use the Manage Shell Members feature of the self-serve Manage D2L Courses and Organizations tool, found in the portal.
    • Note: If access is not granted 72 hours prior to the test, we will not be able to assist and the instructor will be responsible for setting up the special access parameters.
  4. The Test Centre sends an email to the Instructor confirming the test setup has been completed. The faculty/instructor can then remove TA access from the Test Centre

The Make-Up Test Centre has designed a D2L organizational shell to administer make-up tests. This option enables the Make-Up Test Centre team to set up make-up tests independently, without access to your own course shell.


  1. Faculty/instructor submits a test request 8 business days before the test date using the make-up system. Please, include all test details in the request and submit the document directly to the make-up system as a PDF.

  2. The Test Centre temporarily enrolls students in the Test Centre organizational shell.

  3. The student writes their quiz/test on the scheduled date from their preferred location.

  4. Faculty/instructor receives a spreadsheet from the Test Centre, with the details of each student’s attempt and a report of the grades obtained. It will also include any incident flags, where applicable.

  5. Students are removed from the shell after the faculty/instructor confirms receipt of the results.

Service Constraints

  • Invigilation is not provided in either option. 
  • This service has a capacity of setting up approximately 20 online quizzes/tests per day, depending on the complexity of the requests.
  • PDF tests that need to be converted to a D2L quiz by the Test Centre must be a maximum of 60 questions.
  • The Test Centre can only set up tests in Ryerson-supported platforms (eg. D2L)

Additional Information

Adding the Test Centre in the TA Role

The Test Centre can only enable the special access settings from a TA role. The Test Centre user will be a professional Ryerson Test Centre staff member. Upholding the Test Centre values of integrity and service, the Test Centre will only enter the aspects of the course shell required to set up special access. An email will be sent as soon the Test Centre completes the special access and the instructor can remove the TA access.

Supported Platforms

The Test Centre can set up quizzes/tests only hosted on D2L, Ryerson’s learning management system. We cannot set parameters for tests in any other platforms at this time.

Technical Support

The Make-Up Test Centre

Ryerson D2L Support Team


Computing and Communications Services (CCS)