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Dr. Lauren McNamara

Dr. Lauren McNamara’s work revolutionizing recess has earned her a prestigious Ashoka Fellowship.

TRSM and Ryerson offer many awards and scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students 
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Thank you thank you for participating in selecting the winning initiative for the 2018 Dean's Student Leadership Award for Community Building and Social Impact.

We Own the Podium

Our students consistently place among top teams in MBA and Undergraduate case competitions in Canada and around the world. Through case competitions, students develop winning attitudes and skills in time management, effective professional presentations, analytics and teamwork. (Shown above: TRSM students at Enactus Regional Competition) 

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Engaging With Thought Leaders

We are deeply connected to business and community leaders across a wide range of industries. Each week, we welcome a variety of outstanding distinguished speakers to meet with students in class and at events.

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New TRSM Podcast

From the corner of Bay and Dundas in downtown Toronto, this is Like Nobody's Business, a podcast of thought leadership and business innovation.