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Krizia Testani

Degree: B. Comm, Retail Management

Name: Krizia Testani
Graduated: June 2017
Role: CRM/E-Retail Media Assistant at Chanel

At the start of Krizia Testani fourth year at Ted Rogers School of Management, she began her search for post-grad career opportunities through a variety of sources including the Business Career Hub (BCH), TRSM information and networking events, online platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed and through her existing professional network. She found the BCH, LinkedIn and her professional network most valuable in helping her further advance her career. After applying to a number of roles across the retail sector, Krizia received the opportunity of a lifetime to work for CHANEL Canada during her last month of study in the Retail Management program.

Aligning directly with her career goals and aspirations of working in e-retail,she was thrilled to accept the role of the CRM/E-Retail Media Assistant with the luxury brand. Krizia’s position has several responsibilities and “hats to wear” in areas including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), E-Retail, Digital and Media. In addition, her roles acts as a e-retail liaison between CHANEL Canada and CHANEL Global.

Over the past four years, the Business Career Hub has served as a valuable resource and one-stop-shop for her career advancement and consulting. Krizia says that she primarily used the BCH for resume and LinkedIn profile consulting, interview preparation and as a source for networking events and career opportunities.

She utilized the BCH for profile consulting to ensure that her resume and LinkedIn profile were tailored to the roles she was applying for. Through interview preparation sessions, she began to notice a significant improvement in her confidence and she felt better prepared for traditional and non-traditional interviews, similar to that of her interview with CHANEL.

Krizia says “one of the main reasons I truly appreciated the BCH was its ability to connect students to networking events and career opportunities. Through newsletters, class talks and sessions, the BCH brought awareness and ample opportunity for students to engage first-hand with professionals in their respective fields. This was very beneficial to me as it opened doors for follow-up engagements and offers of employment”.

Krizia advises students to stay connected with your network –maintaining these connections are essential in gaining valuable insight and excelling your career now and for the future. She also believes that it is important to step outside of your comfort zone – start by getting involved on campus or attending industry events to grow your network. Be open-minded to unique opportunities –  there are so many companies looking to hire, be explorative and discover what’s out there!

She says  “Don’t be discouraged to apply to opportunities outside of your years of experience, still apply! I’m a strong believer that your unique attributes are what set you apart from the rest. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and show your true colours – employers love to see the real you; don’t restrict yourself and be authentic!”