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Community and Urban Partnerships

Pedestrians and cyclists at the corner of Church and Wellesley
Ryerson is committed to advancing conversations on culture, economics, technology, social justice and the environment that lead to policies and actions that contribute to building inclusive, resilient, sustainable and dynamic cities.

As a university located at the centre of Canada’s largest city, Ryerson has deep connections with those who share our surrounding space and landscape. We share many of the same challenges and benefits of our urban location.

Closely linked to our surrounding communities, we continually seek ways to engage collaboratively in partnership with these communities and their residents. These relationships offer reciprocal benefits for our neighbours and provide real opportunities for Ryerson students, faculty and staff to make a difference. For everyone in the partnership, they put knowledge-sharing and learning exchange into everyday practice.

With more than 80 per cent of Canada’s population living in urban environments, cities are our future. Given our downtown location, Ryerson is especially well positioned to play a significant role as communities in Toronto and beyond navigate the social, economic, political, environmental, cultural, physical and technological aspects of growth and change.

Going forward, we will continue to advance both conversation and action around safe, diverse, resilient, inclusive and sustainable cities. Equally, we will continue harnessing and sharing our expertise, keeping Ryerson at the forefront of discussions on key urban issues such as sustainable housing, renewable energy, health, water policy, future land use, smart infrastructure, urban design, migration and settlement, democratic governance, and wellbeing.

Ryerson will broaden its societal impact by developing even stronger regional and global ties. One way we’ll achieve this is through our focus on city-building. This calls for enhancing our expertise as a leader in urban scholarship and research, and sharing what we’ve learned. We will take a more global lens as we further engage with an international community of city builders.

Being viewed as an urban thought leader calls for incorporating ideas and thinking from beyond our campus. That means collaborating with experts from other cities and institutions to share learning, ideas and solutions on critical urban issues.

These and other efforts will place Ryerson at the forefront of city-building discussions and initiatives, and will enhance our position as a city-building university.