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Student Experience

Group of five students sitting on steps in the Student Learning Centre
Ryerson aims to cultivate a student experience that equips all students with the knowledge, skills and competencies they need to flourish and contribute to our ever-changing world.

Excellence in learning and teaching, outstanding programs and services that support students, dedicated faculty and staff, and an unwavering commitment to holistic student well-being both inside and outside the classroom – these are the ways Ryerson strives to provide a high-quality experience to every student. Delivering on this priority involves all members of the Ryerson community, anyone who, in any way, influences the Ryerson student experience.

Ryerson will strengthen its commitment to providing interdisciplinary and experiential learning opportunities that bring students and faculty together to address real-world problems. In this, students will become more fully engaged with communities, service providers and industries as partners in their learning experiences. Additionally, we will provide opportunities for students to participate in zone learning, shaping initiatives from the ground up and gaining real-world experience.

Another important part of cultivating the student experience involves ensuring students can apply a global lens to their learning and develop global competencies as tomorrow’s leaders. Global learning opportunities, both on and off campus, need to be accessible to students and must speak to their goals and interests.

Also critical to the student experience is the creation of accessible, inclusive and engaging learning environments for a diverse student population. This involves examining how learning occurs and using a range of teaching practices and spaces that engage all students. Ryerson will continue fostering the use of open educational practices, flexible and active learning strategies, inclusive curriculum design, and technology-enhanced learning. This will ensure that we provide accommodating, modern environments that are suitable for the multi-faceted and innovative teaching and learning approaches used at the university.

Recognizing the importance of the student experience outside the classroom, Ryerson will continue providing exceptional academic, social and cultural programs and services that support our diverse student communities. These will be offered within a framework that supports students’ overall wellbeing and recognizes the value of the whole person. We will ensure a positive experience for international students attending Ryerson, with international enrolment enriching the learning environment for both domestic students and those attending from abroad.

Ryerson embraces lifelong learning through undergraduate programming, continuing education courses and certificates, and a growing complement of graduate and post-graduate offerings. Lifelong learning also occurs in externally focused ways such as volunteering and mentoring, and through a vibrant alumni system that connects students and graduates to Ryerson over their lifetimes.

As a city builder, Ryerson has a responsibility to help maintain a people-friendly, safe and inclusive environment for students and all community members. Key to this is ensuring the safety and security of our campus.

The conditions we create for students, inspirational teaching, an empowered faculty and staff, diverse learning environments and global experiences are components of the very best student-centred experience, an experience that is uniquely Ryerson, and that prepares graduates to thrive in the world beyond the university.

Other Priorities

Quality teaching is vital to the overall student experience. Ryerson will continue supporting our faculty by nurturing a culture of teaching excellence that encourages experimentation with bold approaches, innovative and inclusive pedagogies, creative outlets and technology-enhanced learning that is informed by research.