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Course Outlines (Syllabi)

Course outlines are reviewed by faculty evaluators to establish transfer credit equivalencies. Insufficient or incomplete course outlines impact your application and can delay your results.

Application Methods

There are two different methods for sharing your course outline. Please follow the instructions for the one that applies to you.

Method 1: Self service application via RAMSS

Detailed course outlines may be required - after your application is processed, you will receive an email notification with a link to upload course outlines.

Upload Requested Course Outlines

If you are an international student and would like to submit an online manual application, please follow the manual application upload steps listed on the How to Apply page.

Before proceeding to upload your requested course outlines for applications submitted via RAMSS, please note:

  • You must allow at least five business days for application validation (after May 1 for the upcoming fall admits)
  • You will receive an acknowledgement email sent to your Ryerson account (or to the email address on file) confirming your applications have been processed and/or validated
  • You are only requested to submit course outlines for courses that are identified as “No Rule”, on your RAMSS Transfer Credit Report

Visit the Transfer Credit Upload, opens in new window website for more information.

Method 2: Manual application upload

A detailed course outline is always required at the time of application. A detailed course outline or a syllabus is normally provided on the first day of class and it must be issued by your previous institution - altered course outlines will not be accepted. The course outline must include:

  • course title and course code (must match your transcript)
  • course description
  • course objectives/learning outcomes
  • weekly list of topics
  • textbook(s) used
  • information about assignments/essays (especially for Liberal Studies credits)
  • information about lab (if applicable)
  • an evaluation scheme

The following are not accepted:

  • A link to a course outline available on the internet
  • Academic calendar descriptions

Liberal Studies course outlines: 

For Liberal Studies courses, the outline must include detailed information on assignments and essays, including word count and percentage of course grade. Refer to Liberal Studies eligibility.

Language course outlines:

If you are applying for a language course credit in one of the language courses offered at Ryerson (French, Spanish, Chinese or Arabic), the course outline does not have to be translated to English.

Medium of instruction is French: 

If the medium of instruction was French, an unofficial translation of the course outline with the original French outline will be accepted.

Medium of instruction is not English or French:

A certified translation of the course outline is required in addition to the official outline in the original language. Acceptable translators include a notary public or a certified translating service. Ryerson does not offer suggestions or have established partnerships with public notaries.

  • Course outlines must be officially translated, if the medium of instruction is not English or French
  • If the original course outline is not in English or French, a certified translation of the course outline is required in addition to the official outline in the original language
  • Acceptable translators include a notary public or a certified translating service. Ryerson does not offer suggestions or have established partnerships with public notaries
  • If course outline information is published in a booklet, you must scan and attach the information in a PDF format to the appropriate Transfer Credit Application. Remember to combine all the information in to one PDF document as you may only upload one PDF file per application
  • Keep a copy of all the documents/outlines you are submitting. The Transfer Credit Unit does not provide copies of any documents including course outlines and transcripts
  • International students at Ryerson can visit International Student Support for assistance
  • Search your school’s website for detailed course outlines
  • Speak with friends who also took the course
  • Contact your former teaching department
  • Approach your previous professors
  • Course outlines from previous/future terms (within two years) are acceptable provided that the course title and course number match your transcript

If you have exhausted these options and are unable to obtain a course outline where the course title or course number on the outline differs from your transcript, a written note from your professor on their institution’s letterhead must be submitted confirming the course content is identical. If the content has changed, a summary of the differences must be provided by the professor.


  • An official final transcript is required from the school you attended for verification of course completion and final grade achieved
  • Undergraduate students are not required to re-submit an official final transcript that was submitted during the admission process
  • You will be notified via email if a recent transcript is required to process your transfer credit application
  • Additional requested transcripts can be submitted in-person to the ServiceHub or mailed to the Transfer Credit Unit:

Ryerson University
Transfer Credit Unit
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, ON M5B 2K3

Important notes:

  • Official transcripts cannot be emailed or faxed
  • Please follow up if your application is not processed within two weeks of submitting a recent transcript