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Digital Credential Badges

Badges act as another form of recognition to showcase the many hours students spend outside of their courses to build their skill-set in a variety of topics. These are currently offered for the following bootcamps: R, Python, Power of Excel, Power BI, Tableau, Marketing (Must complete: Branding, Graphic/Visual Design, SEO & Analytics and Social Media).

Please note that if you are a part of the Fall 2020 Co-op intake and have not yet completed the Power of Excel or Power BI Bootcamps before the Winter 2021 semester, then you will remain eligible to also receive the original badge until April 2021. To qualify for the original badge, you must complete Levels 1-3 of a single Power of Excel Series, and Levels 1-2 of a Power BI Series.

As of January 2021, we have upgraded our badge eligibility for R, Python, Power of Excel, Power BI, and Tableau to issue a Badge 2.0. In order to obtain a Badge 2.0, students must complete all levels of a Bootcamp Series in full, provide a successful work submission in the final level, and successfully complete a corresponding Bootcamp Challenge. The Badge 2.0 will reflect the new topics, additional hours of learning, and recognize how attendees have applied their knowledge from the Bootcamps to solving a Challenge problem. 

With the upgrade to a Badge 2.0, we have discontinued the original badge offered for the R, Python, Power of Excel, Power BI, Tableau, and Power Hour Bootcamps. All previous badge recipients will not be impacted by this change.

Please Note: Credential badges are only issued to current Ted Rogers School Students and Alumni.

Student in a Bootcamp classroom.
Power BI Badge 2.0

Power BI Badge

By completing this Bootcamp and Challenge, you will learn how to create easy-to-read visual dashboards showcasing data in tables, charts and graphics, create dynamic reports while using logical arguments and performing scenario-based analysis and analyze large amounts of data specifically through Power Pivot data modeling, DAX Formulas in Power Pivot, VBA Macros, and much more.

Requirements: Power BI Levels 1-2 and Power BI Challenge

Power of Excel Badge 2.0

Power of Excel Badge

By completing this Bootcamp and Challenge, you will learn to handle enterprise, business and personal information with the industry’s most widely used spreadsheet software. You will understand how to construct formulas using operators, VLOOKUP function & summary lines, create sparklines and much more.

Requirements: Power of Excel Levels 1-3 and Excel Challenge

Python Badge 2.0

Python Badge

By completing this Bootcamp and Challenge, you will gain a deeper understanding and proficiency in grammar and concepts of computer programming, learn the foundations of Python, and learn how to use some popular Pandas library for data analysis to build your own web scraping application.

Requirements: Python Levels 1-4 and Python Challenge

R Badge 2.0

R Bootcamp Badge

By completing this Bootcamp and Challenge, you will prove that you developed a deeper understanding with R programming language, data visualization with R and know how to utilize functions to generate reports and automate tasks.

Requirements: R Levels 1-4 and R Challenge

Tableau Badge 2.0

Tableau Badge

By completing this Bootcamp and Challenge, you will understand how to use tableau to connect data from a variety of data sources, explore the difference of data blending and joins, build bar charts, create data visualizations in a map, tableau analytics and much more.

Requirements: Tableau Levels 1-4 and Tableau Challenge

Marketing Badge, Teal and Black, Circular with year and TRSM logo

Marketing Badge

By completing all four of the Marketing Bootcamps (Branding, Graphic/Visual Design, SEO & Analytics and Social Media), you will understand the branding process from strategy to development, how to use Adobe Creative Cloud software, SEO Principals and tools, learn about engagement algorithms, rich media and much more.

Requirements: Must complete Branding, Graphic/Visual Design, SEO & Analytics, and Social Media