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MOVE Everywhere: At Ryerson

Closure Update: December 8, 2020

The MAC is currently closed in accordance with Toronto’s shift into the ‘Lockdown’ level of the new PDF fileOntario COVID-19 Response Framework, external link

Latest closure updates:
Dec-8 Closure Update
Nov-23 Closure Announcement

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Due to regional COVID-19 conditions, membership access to our facilities is currently open to Ryerson students, faculty and staff.  We are working hard on plans to welcome back more members as soon as possible.

Regular physical activity is a critical well-being and learning strategy, helping you feel, think and be your best in your day-to-day and in the classroom. While many of you have joined us online since our closure in March, we know being together in-person - even six feet apart - only strengthens the experience. While things will be very different in many ways, the core experience of moving together remains intact, and the positive effects can make all the difference in our days.

The safety of our students, members and staff is always our first priority. An extensive review and redesign of our spaces and operations has been undertaken to ensure we are aligned with public health guidelines and emerging industry best practices. 

We are confident you, our students and members, understand the importance of these new protocols and your role in keeping yourself and others safe. Students and members are expected to adhere to all safety requirements, facility signage and staff direction in advance of and throughout their visit. Expectations will be strictly enforced. 

Workout Reservations

Students and members are required to pre-reserve their workout time. Slots are available in 75 and 90 minute increments throughout the day and can be booked up to 6 days in advance and 1 minute prior to any given time slot. 

  • Reservations can be made online 
  • Limit one reservation per day per student/member

Current Facility Hours 

 Last updated Nov-11

  • Weekdays: Open 7:00am-9:45pm starting November 14
    • First and last booking of the day: 90 minutes
    • All other bookings: 75 minutes
  • Weekends: Open 9:00am-6:30pm starting November 14
    • All bookings 90 minutes
  • Reservation Entry/Exit Time: 
    • Entry: Students/members may enter the facility up to 20 minutes before the end of their reserved booking.
    • Exit: Students/members must exit the front door of the facility prior to the end of their time slot. Please plan your workout/locker use accordingly and be prompt when directed by staff to leave. 

What to Expect

Workout reservations continue under the same health and safety parameters, with members required to pre-reserve their time, complete health screenings and follow all protocols as laid out in our initial reopening information

  • Extensive safety measures, including limiting our capacity, equipment spacing, health screenings, mask requirements and cleaning/disinfecting have been implemented.
  • In the first phase of our reopening, Ryerson students will be given priority access to our facilities in support of their well-being and academic efforts.
  • Existing Ryerson staff and faculty with memberships will be eligible to restart their membership and begin using the facilities. Existing members from our broader community will be notified via email when they are eligible to restart their memberships. We are working hard to bring this into effect as soon as possible.
  • As we begin reopening our facilities to individual, pre-reserved workouts, we will start with our MAC fitness centre only. Reservations are available 6 days prior to the workout time slot. Members will be permitted to pre-reserve one workout time slot, per day.

Can't make your reservation...? Cancel it!

While we'll always encourage you to make active well-being a priority, if you ever can't make a reservation, we'll understand - just make sure you cancel it in advance so someone else can take advantage.

With a limited capactity per slot, if you miss a reservation without cancelling, we'll notify you and may remove any of your already-booked future reservations, just so you and we are sure you'll be able to make your next one.

Need help making or cancelling your reservation? We're here for you!

Sport / Court Reservations

Our ‘drop-in’ recreation restarts on Saturday, November 14 with pre-reserved slots for basketball. Things remain very different, with only one person per net in MAC Home Court, but the chance to play and be active matters, especially as fall weather arrives and outdoor options become less viable.

While only open to basketball for now, we remain committed to bringing back more sport options in due course, as it is possible and safe to do so.

  • Reservations can be made online 
  • Limit one reservation per day per student/member

Weekly Schedule at MAC: 

Students/members will be able to reserve one 50 minute slot per day. Please see schedule overview below, and check available bookings in the reservation system for the latest:

  • Monday @ 5:00-8:50pm
  • Tuesday @ 5:00-8:50pm
  • Wednesday @ 5:00-8:50pm
  • Friday @ 5:00-8:50pm
  • Saturday @ 2:00-4:50pm
  • Sunday @ 2:00-4:50pm

What to Expect

‘Drop-in’ sports will resume under the same health and safety parameters as our fitness center, with members required to pre-reserve their time, complete health screenings and follow all protocols as laid out in our initial reopening information

In addition, when reserving a time to play basketball, please observe the following rules:

  • Maximum 1 person per net/half-court, maintaining 3 metres physical distance with other users at all times
  • Members must bring their own ball - while typical to return errant rebounds between courts, users should only interact with their ball
  • Members must enter/exit through the MAC Fitness Centre, using the north doors to the Mattamy Home Court
  • All personal belongings must be stored in the day-use lockers by the fitness centre change rooms

Need help making or cancelling your reservation? We're here for you!

We know the Intramural Sports experience - getting active, feeling part of a team and competing - can be tremendously positive for our students. While not currently offering in-person Intramural Sports, plans are underway to reintroduce elements of in-person programming in due course, when it is safe and possible to do so.

For now, look for the Intramural Sports Challenges taking place remotely in your neighbourhood, as well as our online Intramural Esports options

We know the Sport Clubs experience - getting active, feeling part of a team and learning new skills - can be tremendously positive for our students.

As in a typical year, our student-led clubs are just getting started and plans will be announced for each as soon as they are available.

For now, take a look at the different clubs offered on our Activities page and reach out to one of the club communities to get connected.