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FEAS, FOS, TRSM and FOA students may submit academic grade and standing appeals through the on-line academic appeals portal at on-line appeals

For FCAD, FCS, Law, CE and Graduate Studies students:

All Department/Program/School level, Faculty level, and Senate level grade and standing appeal submissions must be scanned and emailed. 

Department level appeals must be emailed to your Department/School/Program Chair or Directors.

Faculty level appeals must be emailed to your Associate Dean. 

Senate level appeals must be submitted to

Chang School appeals must be emailed to the Chang School at

All relevant deadlines for submitting appeals can be found in PDF filePolicy 134 for Spring/Summer 2020 grade/standing appeals or PDF filePolicy 168 for Fall 2020 grade/standing appeals. 

Policy 167:  Academic Consideration for Fall 2020 - due to Covid-19: "Students who miss an assessment due to cold or flu-like symptoms, or due to self-isolation, are currently not required to provide a health certificate". Other absences must follow Senate Policy 167 on Academic Consideration. PDF file

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